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While we focus on every aspect of our client's needs, most of our work has been concentrated in the criminal defense field.  At Cisar Law Firm, Three of the four attorneys practice primarily in the area of criminal defense.  When it comes to experience, We have been fortunate enough to handle just about every type of major criminal case, including murder (capital), assault, alcohol related offenses including manslaughter and felony driving while intoxicated, sexual assaults, rape, child molestation, child pornography, drug possession and manufacturing.  While these cases are complicated, it should also be said that we can handle the simple traffic ticket as well.  But we understand that while something may seem simple to the outside world, it is the most important thing in your life at that time.

Our successful approach attacks the problem from all angles.  We investigate the facts presented by the client and the witnesses as well as the police and other authorities.  We investigate the scene and retain experts to assist us where appropriate.

Pretrial motions are taken seriously since a case won before trial is the best victory of all.  Our fees are determined on a per case basis and are generally set and described as a "pretrial" amount and a "trial" amount with additional money as necessary for experts or expenses.  Our firm has always consulted with those in need of our criminal defense services free of charge.



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