Lake Ozark Sexual assault/rape/child abuse/child molestation/statutory rape/sodomy
Sexual assault/rape/child abuse/child molestation/statutory rape/sodomy

One’s life will never be the same after a criminal charge of rape, child molestation or any
of the others mentioned in this group. When this type of investigation finds its way to
your doorstep, you need immediate legal help. The first reaction is to talk to the police
to “clear my name.” Do not do this. Hire an attorney and go over the allegations and
facts before any further contact with law enforcement. Once this has occurred, a proper
decision can be made regarding speaking with law enforcement. It is a rare day that
talking with the police is going to help.

Once charged, it is difficult to alter the bond, but not impossible. Quick action regarding
the complainant, witnesses, hospital records, etc., is necessary and often a private
investigator is utilized. Doctors/experts in the area of injury to the alleged victim, how
this person was questioned initially, the mental health of the alleged victim, etc., are also
helpful. Depositions are a must. Missouri is fortunate to be among a handful of states
that still allow depositions in criminal cases.
Occasionally, polygraphs (lie detector test) are helpful, but only in the right setting with
an expert of our choosing.

Registration as a sex offender is another consideration in these cases. Civil commitment
in prison after a prison sentence is completed is also a possibility.
These types of crimes involve great expense for both attorney fees and expert/
investigation fees. Make sure you hire a firm that has experience in this field in the


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