I highly recommend the Professionalism and Integrity of the Tim Cisar Law Firm . . .

Unfortunately I've had to acquire legal representation on a couple occasions in my life.
Once I was 16 and charged with a DUI, Tim Cisar was able to get that charge reduced to a traffic violation.
On another occasion I was charged with felony domestic violence and felony possession of marijuana.
Tim struck again and here I am walking a free man.
I highly recommend the professionalism and integrity of the Tim Cisar law firm. A very likable guy that gets the job done. God forbid I ever need legal representation again in my life, but he would be my first call.
- Anonymous
Posted 10/15/21

I would recommend Tim and his staff without hesitation . . .

Through a series of unfortunate events I was involved in an accident which led to my arrest. Despite unique facts which supported my case, the prosecution saw fit to file multiple serious charges, all of which threatened my career.

Mr. Cisar was recommended by several independent references from Kansas City, St. Louis, and the Lake, all who stated he was "THE attorney" for such matters in the Lake area. Tim was quickly responsive to our contacting him, took on our case without hesitation, and was not only professional but very reassuring about our chances and the process in general. He expertly presented the facts and ultimately secured a dismissal of all charges, something for which we will forever be grateful.

After our experience I would recommend Tim and his staff without hesitation to anyone who requires legal representation at the Lake
- Anonymous
Posted December 29, 2020

Cisar Law Firm - was always very responsive and returned phone calls . . .

I would just like to say I recently used Tim Cisar as an Attorney, and even in the midst of this whole Covid 19 pandemic he handled my case, and was always very responsive and returned phone calls like there wasn't anything going on. I would highly recommend Tim and his firm for anyone who needs an Attorney.
- G T
Posted July 2, 2020

I left the Tim Cisar Office feeling as good as I could about the outcome and with good advice from Mr. Cisar

I received Attorney Tim Cisar's name as a referral from a friend. I have been involved with the law enforcement community for over thirty years. I know how the system works. I know how to read and recognize if an Officer is not doing his/her job properly. That officer did not perform his/her duties during our encounter.

Tim Cisar took my call on the first attempt and discussed the case thoroughly. I told Mr. Cisar that I wanted a fair outcome that brought forward the facts of what occurred. I shared with Mr. Cisar that Police Officers should be "Truth Seekers First; Not Case Makers". The Officer tried to "make a case" against me because of my former profession. She/He did not seek the truth that evening. (The Court later ruled this to be true).

Because of my background and experiences, I knew a good lawyer could produce the desired outcome. I also know that many attorneys will take your money and get a quick deal. Tim explained that he could make no promises, but did give me a good feeling that he had the ability to get to the truth and achieve a "Just" outcome.

Mr. Cisar and his Office staff took the time to gather all relevant evidence and Tim effectively argued my case in "ONE" hearing. The results of that hearing led to the resolution of all charges that were filed against me by that officer. I left the Tim Cisar Office feeling as good as I could about the outcome and with good advice from Mr. Cisar.

I highly recommend The Law Office of Tim Cisar.

Cisar Law Firm - knows the law and has the resources and experience to successfully defend cases . . .

It has been my experience that Mr. Timothy Cisar knows the law and has the resources and experience to successfully defend cases in the areas surrounding The Lake of the Ozarks. He can be depended on and trusted to do what is necessary. Thank You Tim for all of your help over the years!

Posted October 15, 2018

Cisar Law Firm - Great People - I won't use anyone else . . .

- Wayne Larimore
Posted September 29, 2018

Cisar Law Firm Lawyers are the Best in the State if not more . . .

Tim Cisar Esq. Attorney(s) at law, He and his firm are the best Lawyer's in the state if not more than that.... Ive been through a lot with this Man and a few members of the team, I've been friends with and known Tim for over 15-20 years, and he's always been Awesome with anything that I Have Gotten Myself into over the years and he's always been there for me as well as his Staff... I believe personally that there is no Better Lawyer in the State and He's a Straight Forward Man, He ABSOLUTELY Will tell you what he says he can and can't do... But even though he may say that he can't get to your case, He has Several attorneys who are Very Well Trained and are highly intelligent in the Ways of the Law.... I'd love to be able to give him 10 stars out of a scale from 1-5 but I'm going to let u form your own opinion, DO yourself a favor and don't forget to call and set up a time to meet with him... He takes payments as well.
Thank you
- Lance Quick
Posted September 17, 2018

A friend and humanitarian.

I worked a charity years ago and was in a hurry because we had an auction already in progress . . . I came in jumped up on a table and started selling . . . I felt a hand on my ankle, looking down I saw a man holding me in place (a large man..). I thanked him and he said "Do you need anything" . . . I responded "No, but thank you" He insisted by saying, "Anything you need, ever . . .
A year or so later a friend found himself on the wrong side of the badge. He asked for my help . . . so I called the hand on my ankle . . . I explained that his client wouldn't have much money..he said "If your in I'm in" . . .
Three years later, charges were dropped and dismissed. My friend texted me to share the news, he said for the first time in 3 years, he was spending the day with family, and getting some sleep . . .
If you Google attorney it says, "A lawyer (also called attorney, counsel, or counselor) is a licensed professional who advises and represents others in legal matters.
Tim (Timothy R. Cisar) my definition is friend/humanitarian.
Thank you
- Rick Bryant
Posted July 16, 2018

Posted Five Stars on Google

- Sydney
Posted July 16, 2018

Look no further for a solution, Tim Cisar is your attorney.

Every state has great criminal defense attorneys. Lake Ozark has Tim Cisar. If you are looking at some serious penalties, you will want to have his criminal defense team fighting for you. Tim Cisar has a beautiful office with excellent staff and the representation of my son caused a quick dismissal of his charges. Within a few months he had eliminated the reason my son couldn't proceed with his career. Look no further for a solution, Tim Cisar is your attorney.
Posted January 31, 2018

Posted Five Stars on Google

- Carol Mahan
Posted January 22, 2018

Posted Five Stars on Google

- Amanda Orndorff
Posted December 12, 2017

"Worth the money!"

Mariah Hartwick

I am grateful to have such kind, understanding, and capable representation.

I sincerely want to thank Tim Cisar and the entire Cisar Law firm, for the outstanding work that all of you did representing me.  I know my case was an unbelievably tough one and complicated for many reasons, but Tim was able to get the best possible outcome from the court.  He was always reachable to meet with me and answer any questions.  He was supportive and kind in a very embarrassing situation.  His entire staff is amazing and filled with compassion and genuine caring.  Everyone makes bad choices now and again, but Tim Cisar, helped me and my family thru the consequences.  I know, for certain, the outcome, if I had chosen any other firm would have been much more drastic, and emotionally and financially devastating to our family.  So again, thank you to Tim Cisar, Fawzy Simon, and the entire Cisar Law Firm staff for everything.   I am grateful to have such kind, understanding, and capable representation. - A. S. March 2017

Tim Cisar has always been a very well respected and established Attorney of Law . . .

"Tim Cisar has always been a very well respected and established Attorney of Law in this area for as long as I can remember. He has helped to establish many new lawyers as well, and eventually they have achieved their own Firms. Thank you all for your time and consideration, along with your respected practice of Law that you all share."
- Carolyn R. VanSciver-LeVan
Dec. 1, 2016

Tim has my back . . .

"Cisar Law firm has been there for me many times. I am getting ready to undertake a divorce now. My heart is heavy and full of worry for what I have to do, but at the same time I feel relieved knowing Tim has my back."
- A.J.M.
8 year vet with Honorable Discharge

I cannot say thank you enough . . .

"I cannot say thank you enough to Tim and his firm. I was facing multiple charges (including felonies) and things did not look good. But Tim was able to work his magic and make everything go away. It was absolutely amazing. And the entire time the charges were pending, he and his staff kept me updated. I never had to question what was going on in my case, they kept me in the loop every step of the way. Hopefully you'll never be in my situation, but if you are, then the first call you need to make is to Tim Cisar."

I'm amazed!

From amongst the attorneys I have experienced in my turns of different court rooms, from adoption custody to civil & criminal case's, the Cisar Law Firm has delivered great appreciation to my comfort each and every time and allow me to add that not only does he spend the equivalent time his case's are in need of for a great out come, I'm amazed of my expense in the end. :)  I value this law firm 100% satisfaction, I have real friends on the other side of the fence when I make that call, I will always be in good hands in the future with Tim Cisar, although with great respect, hope I don't need an attorney, but if I do, guess who I'll call!   YUP your right, Thanks for reading.
James Cook - ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Voted 5 stars on Facebook

They do a great job!

Grant and Tim do a great job! Easy going, understanding, caring, with a professional attitude!  Need an attorney?  Look no further!
Jerad S. Miller - ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Voted 5 stars on Facebook

Best law firm

This is the best law firm in the state with the best lawyers.  You guys are awesome!
Karen Curtis Sanders - ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Voted 5 stars on Facebook

Excellent A+

I was 19 facing a DWI where I blew for the arresting officer well over the legal limit, he also found a beer can in my car.  I didn't answer any of their questions and called Tim Cisar.  Just after a month of doing so I was pleading guilty to a failure to maintain my lane.  Tim Cisar has my recommendation.

I would recommend Cisar Law Firm to anyone!

To: Timothy Cisar
Subject: Thank you

Tim, thanks for representing me through my DWI-golf cart case at XXXX. I would recommend your Law Firm to anyone. Have a happy and healthy 2015.


Diligent...all evidence is subject to critical review!

Posted by Steve, January 17, 2015

Overall rating: Excellent
Trustworthy: Excellent
Responsive: Excellent
Knowledgeable: Good
Kept me informed: Excellent

I recommend Timothy Cisar.

I was from out of town and did not have a clue as to who I should talk to about my legal issue! When I questioned people in the area who worked as attorney's and courtroom personnel, one name continued to come up; Tim Cisar! He came highly recommended and I was soon to find out why. Upon close examination of the evidence put forth against me, Mr. Cisar found an omission which set the stage for a very favorable decision on my behalf. During the entire process Mr. Cisar promptly answered questions posed in e-mails as did his support staff. He is an individual who takes his profession and welfare of his clients seriously, while at the same time he is comfortable with providing humor ...often at his own expense. His perspective on life is refreshing...empathy for people tempered with the reality of the legal process!

Posted Five Stars on Google

- Leah Kaye
Posted June 2, 2014

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